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“…I've realised no job is going to be 100% certain but contacting allows for more flexibility with a healthier approach to work life balance. I've never been happier!”
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Ireland has emerged as a hub for the technology industry showcasing great innovation and growth. The ICT sector in Ireland has expanded rapidly, with employment nearly doubling since 2010. As of 2023, the sector accounts for 6.4% of employment in Ireland   (Central Bank of Ireland, 2023)

The tech scene in Ireland has attracted many global giants such as Google, Microsoft, Intel, IBM, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, and many others. Recent years have witnessed a surge in emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, tech start-ups, and cybersecurity, propelling Ireland to the forefront of digital transformation.

Other noteworthy developments include significant investments into Irish start-up companies such as the digital health start-up, Wellola. Furthermore, the rise of indigenous start-ups and funding toward them highlight Ireland’s capacity to nurture homegrown innovation.

Companies are reporting high demand for technical skills in robotic process automation, cloud computing, security and artificial intelligence, providing plenty of opportunities for professionals in these growing areas.


The gender profile in the technology sector in 2024 shows a significant increase in the percentage of females represented over the last year at 26% as opposed to 18% in 2023.


In 2024 the average age of a contractor in the technology sector is 43 years, the average age has dropped from 48 years in 2021. 60% of all contractors are 40+ years of age.

The age profile has changed significantly over the last four years. In 2021 when the research commenced 22% of tech contractors were under 40 years of age, this has increased to 40% in 2024.

Average Age









Daily Rate

The 2024 average daily rate has dropped since 2023 by 6%. The daily rate in 2023 was €547 and the daily rate for 2024 is reported as €514. The daily rate peaked in 2022 with an average daily rate of €570. Despite what one might imagine about high daily rates being found in the technology sector, we have seen the average daily rate fall by almost 3% since the start of this research in 2021. The drop in the daily rate over the 4 years may reflect the increase in the percentage of younger contractors now operating in this sector.

Contract Length

The average contract length remains at 15 months. 58% of contracts are between 7-12 months. There has been a decrease in shorter term contracts, with contracts for 6 months or less making up 17% of total contracts whereas these shorter contracts accounted for 32% in 2023.


90% of ICT contractors agree that their experience is in demand. This is up from 88% in 2023. 66% agree that it will be easy for them to find a new contract up from 64% in 2023. In 2021 only 55% of ICT contractors agreed that it would be easy for them to find a new contract.

How ICT Contractors Feel About Their Work

Contractors in the technology sector are very satisfied with most of the key areas in their working lives. 85% reported that they were satisfied with the remote working options available to them. 83% are satisfied with the work itself. 81% of respondents reported being satisfied with their current life in general. The rate of pay had a 79% satisfaction rating down from 84% in 2023, which may reflect the reduction in average daily rates on this sector.

Future Expectations

The dynamics at play in the ICT sector make it a perfect industry for professional contractors. Project work is often the norm, changes in business requirements can occur rapidly, skills can be niche, and companies can find that they need subject matter experts to complete a project or to up-skill their existing internal team. The outlook for professional contractors in this sector remains positive. 88% of contractors expect the contracting sector to remain the same or increase in the next 3 -5 years. 48% of ICT contractors expect the performance of the Irish economy to increase in 2024 which is slightly more optimistic than the expectations ICT contractors had for the economy in 2023.

Confidence Index

ICT contractors are reporting a very positive outlook with a confidence index score of +29 relating to the contracting sector in the next 3-5 years. They also had a positive confidence index score of +18 for the performance of the Irish Economy in 2024.

The Irish Economy

Confidence Index

2024 +18
2023 +11
2022 +43
2021 +16


The Contracting Sector

Confidence Index

2024 +29
2023 +35
2022 +41
2021 +35


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