A Word From The Project Leaders

Welcome to Ireland’s Project Economy 2024, this longitudinal study is now in its fourth year. The report profiles Irish high-skilled independent professionals, also known as professional contractors, freelancers and solo-self employed workers.

Trinity College Dublin and Contracting PLUS are delighted to collaborate on this unique study, which examines the contribution this key cohort have to employment and the economy in Ireland. This is the only report of its kind completed in Ireland and for the first time, this report has been produced entirely digitally, in line with both companies strong commitment to sustainability.

The focus of our research is to explore the extent and nature of the Independent Professional sector in Ireland and the key challenges it faces.
The research seeks to provide insights into the contribution of this sector to business and society as well as to better inform this type of worker about best practices, opportunities, threats and relative performance in this highly important sector of Ireland’s workforce.

We hope you find these insights as interesting as we did.